The Professor Palmermoff Show, London, Brockley

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London, Brockley
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The Professor Palmermoff Show

The Professor Palmermoff Show

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A stunning magic show for children and adults of all ages.

The show consists of a whole array of magic tricks and illusions and is dressed up with my very own brand of comedy and fun, its not incredibly twee and the adults enjoy the show every bit as much as the kids, quite possibly more so.
Typically the show consists of the disappearing handkerchief (always a winner), the flowers from nowhere (always a stunner), the floating bottle (everyone likes a floating bottle), the Hypnotic rope (deep, deep deep hypnotic trance required!), The amazing appearing and disappearing water routine (always handy on a hot day), the Pen through the leg (not for the squeamish), the Magic colouring book (popular with the little un's), The 3 card trick (a chance for me to show of my stunning Card sleights), a beautiful coin routine (theirs nothing like a trick with real money), the Multiplying bottles ( a Tommy Cooper classic), a bit of balloon modeling (my motorbike is a bit of a classic!), the Card on the Ceiling (its always good to add a few architectural features to a building!), a fancy Diablo routine ( a chance to show off my street theatre skills), The Cups and Balls (its only polite to do a bit of classic conjuring), The incredible Milk illusion (a personal favourite), a beautiful deluxe cut and restored rope routine (my 'Piece de resistance') and as a finale i do love producing my Humongous card Castle though you always know what the kids would like to do with it.
I do tailor my show to the age and size of an audience and anyone can enjoy it from the age of 4 to 104. In fact the old ones are great as they can hardly see anyway which makes producing an Elephant from behind the Curtain a lot easier. The show involves audience participation, is as charming and amusing as i can possibly muster and is almost 100% guaranteed to produce both laughter and dazzled faces.

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    The Professor Palmermoff Show - London, Brockley - SE4  The Professor Palmermoff Show - London, Brockley - SE4  The Professor Palmermoff Show - London, Brockley - SE4  The Professor Palmermoff Show - London, Brockley - SE4 

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    68 Wickham Road Brockley
    SE4 London, Brockley



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