The Bridge Writing Studio, London

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The Bridge Writing Studio

The Bridge Writing Studio

In April 2012 the control room was relocated to the space that used to be a live area, transforming The Bridge into a luxurious writing studio. It is centered around the newly released Audient ASP4816 console to give 48 channels on mix down, with monitoring provided by Yamaha NS10 Studios and Genelec 1031s. A large leather sofa, coffee table and atmospheric lighting complete the room's relaxed and creative vibe.

The Bridge is the perfect studio to start making a record in. There is a great selection of mic pre-amps (including API, Focusrite, Tube-Tech and SSL), many different microphones, a fantastic choice of analogue keyboards, some great backline and with the installation of Avid's groundbreaking Pro Tools HDX – which brings all the benefits of this powerful hardware system running Pro Tools 10 – it also serves as a powerful 'mixing in the box' room. If you want to try out the power of Pro Tools HDX and the new Audient ASP4816, there is no better place to start.

Versatility has always been the key to this studio, and so clients using The Engine Room (the SSL mixing studio next door) can choose to also hire The Bridge for just £150.00 / day. This means the benefits of two great studios can be booked for a little over the price of one.

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