Olli Daffarn Guitar Tuition, Brighton

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Olli Daffarn Guitar Tuition

Olli Daffarn Guitar Tuition

Tailored lessons, from a friendly, experienced teacher based at a fully equipped teaching studio
in central Brighton.

For lots more info please visit

For most people, playing music is something fun that they do because they enjoy it. Even those making a living from music have fought to get there because it’s what they love. Whether you have never played a note before or have been a guitarist for years I believe that the best way to learn is to do what you want to do.

Everyone has different ways of learning, some people may enjoy spending hours with a metronome, perfecting their picking technique while others may not practice at all - learning by playing at casual gigs and jam nights.

A lot of absolute beginners like to start learning simply by bringing songs they enjoy to lessons and learning to play them, ignoring music theory and other technical aspects until they feel more comfortable with confronting them.

My ambition as a teacher is to help you learn the way you want to and at your own pace. This is to ensure that learning music stays fun and never becomes a chore. Even if you choose to study scales for hours on end, if thats what you enjoy then I will do my best to help you!

Lessons take place in a fully equipped, dedicated teaching studio in central Brighton.

Some of the core subjects covered in lessons include:

* Learning to play pieces of your own choice.
* Learning new techniques by playing recommended pieces.
* Useful & practical music theory such as the 12 bar blues, alternative time signatures & scale tones.
* Improvisation workshops.
* Using music technology to create the right sound for a song.
* Tuning, re-stringing and other handy guitar maintenance.

If you like the sound of my teaching style, don't hesitate to get in touch and book a lesson :)

Visit my for lots more info and booking details.

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    Olli Daffarn Guitar Tuition - Brighton - BN1 

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    Seven Dials
    BN1 Brighton

    Opening hours

    Seven days a week 10am to 8pm


    07725 480996

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