Highbury Jitsu Club, London

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Highbury Jitsu Club

Highbury Jitsu Club

As Students become more experienced they can progress to a higher belts by attending a grading. Gradings are held every 3 months and Sensei will announce details of the next one and tell you when you are ready to take it. Each Grading is overseen by a Sandan, usually from outside the Region, to promote impartiality.

What are the Techniques?
Jiu-Jitsu incorporates many types of techniques. Techniques are taught at the level appropriate to the grade of the student.
Strikes - How to strike someone for maximum effect.
Locks - How to lock joints in order to restrain someone both standing and on the floor.
Throws - Throws are used to send assailants crashing to the floor where they may be restrained.
Defence from various unarmed attacks including wrist grabs, body grabs, punches, kicks and strangles
Defence against various weapons - Knife, Cosh, Bottle, Chain, Broken Bottle, Sword, etc. At first, these are taught using rubber or wooden weapons. For senior grades (purple belts and above), real weapons may be used.
Defence against multiple attackers - Armed and unarmed, both standing up and also from a prone position
Groundfighting - Techniques that will allow you to overcome a stronger or heavier opponent if the fight has been taken to the ground.
BreakFalling - How to fall without injury. This is a major part of the syllabus.

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