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The Top 10 Reasons on Why Lyon is called the Capital of Food, Capital of World Gastronomy, and Capital of French and World Cuisine

Created by aga marchewka the 09/08/2015

So having moved to Lyon, the Capital of Food, you are obliged to test, try and enjoy the food here, learn more about the origins of another French passion and the French true love which is food. Lyon ...
The Polish Meals I Miss The Most When Living in Lyon, France

Created by aga marchewka the 09/08/2015

Cooking Polish Meals Abroad When I am Missing My Country & Feeling a bit Sentimental and very Homesick

I love the Capital of Gastronomy and all the foods it offers. I am not going to complain as I ...
Ensaladas faciles y ricas.

Created by Carla the 08/12/2013

Te presentamos 4 ideas para ensadalas veraniegas, frescas y rapidas de hacer. Apta para vegetarianos y gente que disfruta de una buena ensalada ya sea sola o acompaniada con algun plato de comida. Co...
Baking the Perfect the Red Velvet Cupcake

Created by the 07/04/2013

Pastries and baking is a good source of income for many people all over the world. Many home based moms bake for pleasure and, in the long run, find out that they can make a tidy income out of it. If ...

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Everything on the world's cuisines. Do you know a particular food? Did you find your granmother's book of traditional recipes ? Contribute with your articles and be recognized by your peers.

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