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Medicina Natural

Created by Carla the 09/29/2013

Se discute el uso de la medicina natural con la clásica, medicamentos químicos que todos conocemos y la mayoría usa para tratamientos de enfermedades, mientras hay ciudades que promueven cada día mas...
Desintoxicate, relajate y vivi la vida.

Created by Carla the 09/29/2013

Liberate de esos kilos de mas que molestan para el verano, sentite tranquila y relajada con vos misma y despeja tu mente para sentirte mas liviana.
“Somos lo que comemos”, esa frase es muy discutida...
Relaja Tu Ser.

Created by Carla the 08/13/2013

“Lo que el corazón quiere, la mente se lo muestra”, es difícil lograr lo que la frase nos da a entender, la mente es lo más poderoso que el ser humano puede tener y controlar todos sus propios sentido...
Significado de los colores

Created by Carla the 08/12/2013

…. Como uno se viste, se siente. Los colores que se usan, se reflejan en nuestra personalidad. Nuestra casa es un reflejo de lo que somos. Esas y muchas cosas más nos dan pie a pensar que significa ...
Health Guidelines for Pregnant Women

Created by the 07/02/2013

Being pregnant is one of the best experiences a woman could ever experience. Truth is, you will go through a lot – both joys and pains. And it is going to be a roller coaster ride. The important thing...
Early Treatment of HIV can Save Millions of Lives

Created by the 07/01/2013

The Word Health Organization has published yesterday that a new discovery called the antiretroviral therapy or simply ART could potentially prevent 3 million deaths and 3.5 million cases of HIV from n...
Signs You May Have Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Created by the 07/01/2013

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is being suffered by many Americans. In fact, you may not know it but you may have it as well. OCD is characterized by obsessive thought and compulsions. You will need a ...
Eating Right to Fight Cancer

Created by the 07/01/2013

It is safe to say that the most feared disease. It kills many people every year. What makes it worse is there is no cure for it and it can go back anytime. Once you have cancer, there is no way for yo...
Benefits of Restorative Yoga

Created by the 07/01/2013

Over the past few years, more and more people are loving yoga! It is great for the young and the old, the fat and the thin, male or female – in short, everyone can benefit from it. Because of its popu...

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