Access All Areas Network, London

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Access All Areas Network

Access All Areas Network

Acidmonkey is a conscious Trance organization that prides itself on our consistant music policy show casing the purest artistic talent from around the world. Panoramic visuals, creative decor & lasers. We aim to take the party goer to the next level of indoor festivals, performers, arts & crafts, healers & chai cafe.

Alchemy festival is a family friendly music and entertainment festival set in a wildlife reserve in Lincolnshire. It is totally non-corporate, non-sponsored and non-commercial and the organisers plan it for it to stay that way. It runs as close to the Autumnal Equinox as possible. The event is designed to provide a weekend of fun and entertainment at a reasonable cost in an environment that is similar to the old style of festival and, over the last few years it has developed a reputation as such. In an interview it was particularly mentioned by Nick Turner (Hawkwind et al) as being an old style event.

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